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Monday, 08 June 2020

1. Hygiene, Zoom and Click & Collect lead the emerging trends.

2. Technology has had a boost and is embedding itself into our communication toolbox

3. It's not all doom and gloom: 12.5% of respondents will need additional space soon. 

Many thanks to those who took the time to participate in this survey. 

Our response number climbed to 63 and additionally we engaged in some super conversations with local business. 

Probably not difficult for most of us to work out that prior to COVID19, 81% of staff worked in a central workplace (office, shop etc.). This took a swift drop to 38% due to COVID19. 

Alongside this 40% of business invested capital in providing or upgrading mobile and work from home tools or technology. Interestingly 8% spent between $5,000 to $10,000 on tech and 6.4% spent over $10,000. A great boost for the tech businesses out there. 

Embedding itself firmly in our business language now is Zoom ... and we have also been busy Zooming! Indeed Zoom was by far the most often used platform as 34 out of 45 businesses cited their preferred platform as Zoom. 

When it came to office space it was a firm split down the middle 50/50 as to fully utilising premises during this period. Almost 73% aniticipated a full return to the workplace with the remaining 27% continuing to Work From Home. 

Expanding on this 47% of respondents thought they would be using less space or renegotiating terms. It was positive to note that 12.5% will require additional space

Trends to watch were definitely in the area of hygeine and cleaning with most respondents noting this was a definite change to their business operations and was here to stay. 

Businesses indicated many of their adaptations were here to stay with online sales being added for many and the Click & Collect becoming a part of the everyday. Online engagement with customers, telephone orders, less face to face and social distancing are all part of the changes businesses considered as "here to stay". In fact 48% indicated that some changes will remain mainly due to cost effectiveness of a direct business improvement. 

Naturally a concern for tourism was reflected in the general comments, with several positive future focused thoughts expecting an increase in tourism due to low/zero international travel options.

Others were perceptive in pointing out the need to focus on the Grey Nomad sector and any opportunities to fully maximise the opportunities in this demographic. As we are a "drive to" market this is a reinforcement of what we know we are already good at here on the Fraser Coast and something for business owners to perhaps focus on. 

Again, thank you to those who participated, we hope you find this useful and relevant information. We continue to look for new ways to connect with our network so watch out for our next survey and also for our next Breakfast Zoom Online event!

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